Friday, February 18, 2011

A Kiwi Shaped Hole

The kitty I grew up with died of kidney failure when I was in 5th grade.  I thought my heart would break.  And then to fill the hole in our house, we adopted two kittens from the local humane society: Kiwi and Cricket.  We were able to take Cricket home first- Kiwi had to gain weight before she could get spayed and go to a family.  This was ironic, because once Kiwi started gaining weight, she never really stopped.  In her extremely fat prime, she had too many stomach rolls cascading down to even clean her own hiney.  

Kiwi was a cat who always smiled and never stopped purring.  She was a dedicated snuggler.  She probably wasn't very bright- we theorized that she was deprived of oxygen as a kitten since her litter was found nesting in plastic bags.  She was a great hunter although she was never quite sure what to do with the mice she caught.  She loved ice cream and would hound my brother all through the house trying to reach his bowl.  She always looked vaguely startled since her big blue eyes were crossed.

And I loved her very much.
Always smiling, our little Kiwi

Sitting like a drunk in an alley.  Graceful and dignified Kiwi!

Rolling in the sun on the porch.

Kiwi and Sputnik

Hug me?

Kiwi Bomgaars