Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So much has happened since my last update!

Alright, I am going to try and make this quick because I really have to study!
Since my last blog we have 1. adopted a puppy named Luna 2. taken Luna to the emergency room and brought her home a healthier dog 3. celebrated my 25th birthday and 4. had the first test of my second year of vet school (and rocked it, by the way).

Upcoming: a test tomorrow (cripes!), a test on Monday (that I have not yet even thought about), and then another test that two Fridays from now. And the testing schedule doesn't slow down. I am pretty sure that (except for the weeks we have diagnostic challenge when everything in life gets put on hold) we have at least one test every week until finals. ...and then one every day of finals week.
Can we say panic attacks? I, who have never suffered from heart burn, have been popping rolaids. Wish me luck!

...and I promise, I will expand on the puppy info and birthday synopsis when I am less stressed out.

And now, some eye candy: