About Me

I just completed Vet School in Pullman, Washington- home of both the WSU Cougars AND the National Lentil Festival! I will give you two guesses as to which I enjoy more...my only hint is that one of them involves free bowls of lentil chili.

When I wasn't spending my entire day at the teaching hospital, I spent time cooking, gardening, doing game nights (including D&D...I am that big of a nerd and I'm pretty ok with it), watching movies, and spending time with my small family. I am extremely excited to have finished my degree, put a DVM behind my name, and I am hopeful that I can continue my hobbies with greater regularity in the real world.

I married my high school sweetheart (Andrew) just before vet school and he has not run screaming from Pullman back to the trees and mountains and water of the west side- so far so good! Together we have three furkids: Talen the white kitty with a high whiney voice starting two hours before dinner time, Jasper the black kitty who seems to have been a monkey in a past life, and Luna the boxer (?) mix who will do ANYthing for her chuck-it.
Hubband and Me

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