Thursday, March 26, 2009

The word "diet" is just "Die" with a t

So Andrew and I have come to the conclusion that we are fatty fats. We didn't used to be but are trending that way. Diets suck and I haven't been to the gym in ages. But we are making some efforts. Andrew has cut sugary soda out almost entirely and relies on Coke Zero (he declares it is better the more you drink it) and sparkling flavored sugar free waters. I have been eating celery and carrots like they are going out of style (smeared gently with reduced fat peanut butter or cream cheese and studded with raisins). The odd effect of eating celery in class instead of baggies of cereal is that I am starving. By lunch time I am ravenous. I want to get dinner going as soon as I get home (even if that is 4:30). It is very weird. As for exercise, Andrew has been lifting weights with Chris and hoping that the weather will freaking clear the heck up so that I can start doing manual labor in the garden and maybe take Luna for some long walks or sommat.

As for weather, Sat was gorgeous, and since then everything has been scitzophrenically going between appallingly hideous weather and clear, sunny skies. It was hailing in two different directions yesterday. Andrew actually took a break from work to come get me so I wouldn't have to walk home in it.

And speaking of the garden, that last gorgeous Saturday of spring break found us out in the dirt, pulling clumps of sod, renting a tiller, tilling, and raking. It was awesome. We put down an entire bale of peat moss and 20 scoops of organic fertilizer. Hopefully once the weather starts acting normal we can start the planting process. Just a few more steps of the planning phase are left, namely finalizing the layout, making a plan for planting dates, and working out a watering schedule for each plant. Yay!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring has pulled its covers over its head and said "I don' wanna"

So the day after I though that spring had sprung, it started snowing. Last night we had a record low. I hate this. It is March now. Almost mid-March. Grr.

Can't even use a roto-tiller in this weather. Didn't even have a chance to get the sod up.

In further news I have only one more test to go before spring break. After three weeks and 8 tests I am almost done. I still sort of want to die, but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger. And even though these weeks have been hell on earth, I have been doing well on the ones I got back so far. 86% is the lowest score (although some have not yet been returned.)

What sort of angers me is the fact that for three partial-semester classes so far we have only had one test to determine our entire grade in them. No room for error and they have all been online tests so I don't have old tests to look at. Which means I have no chance to figure out how a particular professor tests. And that sounds like a lazy cop-out until you remember that in the past 14 school days we have had 8 tests so my mental energy is at a premium and I need to be efficient in how I study. If I just have half a semester worth of notes and power points to work with I could study for years and not have managed to focus my mind in the right way on the right material that the teacher thinks is important for us to know.

I need the snow to be gone and I need it to be spring break now.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring is springing?

In the midst of a brutal three weeks of tests, I have a little spot of happiness: all of my seeds have arrived!
I have two varieties of carrots, a radish, a melon, two cucumbers, corn to make Andrew happy, three tomatoes (including a cherry type), three types of beans for winter soups, a lettuce/greens mix, spinach, butternut squash, a small onion, and a whole slew of herbs.
The only thing I am missing from my order is 5 lbs of potatoes (one pound of each variety) so hopefully I will be rolling in potatoes soon.
Andrew finished cutting the sod (although it still needs to be pulled up). Next steps: layout the garden plan now that I have specific instructions for my seeds, pull up the cut sod, purchase bale of peat moss, rent tiller and till the soil + peat moss, build the fence, plant plant plant! And there are a number of seeds that need to be started indoors so I will probably get those going today on a study break.