Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wow- I have been all crappy about my blog. No posts in how long??

I must say, the last semester was a little nuts. Fun, lots of great learning, but crazy-making all the same. But I got through it with sanity (mostly) intact and I am looking forward to the coming semester.

And it is a new year. A new decade. Time to review what the past year has been. I have:
*taken 17 tests and 10 finals
*spayed a dog and did not pass out or kill my patient
*thrown up on a road trip to Disney Land
*seen some havalenas in Arizona
*watched my brother-in-law graduate from law school
*was matron of honor at my maid of honor's wedding
*discovered Jasper gets car sick too
*spent a lot of time with very good friends- old and new
*went to the AVMA convention in Seattle where I attended some lectures and got a crap-load of free pens
*spent not enough time with my husband

I can't even summarize the past decade. I have gone from 16 to 26. Met and started dating Andrew, got a driver's license, graduated high school AND college, watched Andrew go through several surgeries, watched him lose his father, got married, moved out, got my first real job, got into vet school and moved to Pullman, adopted two cats and a dog...lots of fairly major events in the past decade.

I am not so great at resolutions. I prefer "goals." My goals for the upcoming year are:
*don't be such a fatty-fat
*be a better wife
*continue to get through vet school without going crazy and running down pedestrians on campus

Happy New Year everyone!