Monday, July 28, 2008

Just a couple of blurbs

*Hi mom! I am glad you find me amusing! Also, Andrew was wondering if you could shove Jonah on a bus and send him out here. And then I pointed out that he would be at camp having fun. If you want to shove DAD on a bus though...
*Saw Dark Knight last night: AWESOME.
*Just went on a nice bike ride with my lovely husband. 6 miles with no wind- very nice! The only downside was the little bugs who seemed determined to ram themselves up my nose. Failing that they settled for my eyes, my ears, or my arms where they would take their failure to reach nostril heaven out on my arms by biting me! I feel like I still have some in my sinuses. I hope they don't lay eggs. I have enough sinus problems without larvae adding to the issues!
*I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT to move!! Day after tomorrow *quiver* 'twill be awesome!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Well, I am happy to report that we are surrounded by boxes. We aren't completely done yet, but we are LIGHT YEARS beyond where we were last time. Plus no one is throwing up at this time. We just have to avoid food poisoning in the next couple days. Wednesday we get the truck and load it all in and drive allll the way across town and drag them into the new place! Oh my is almost here. I am so excited! All the dishes are now clean. We will be eating off of paper (possible just take out at this point since most of the pots and pans are packed) for the remainder of our time in this apartment.
In other news I have a dead taste bud or SOMETHING on the side of my tongue. Life is misery right now! Eating is pain. I sound like an emo. :(

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Eulogy... Laundromats!
We have done our time and have finished with laundromats. Hopefully forever. We very carefully sorted laundry and picked out enough clothes to last us through the move. Barely. So the first order of business upon entering the new house will be starting a load of laundry but that is not the point. Soon we will be doing loads as needed instead of saving them up for weeks and buying socks and underwear as needed. Soon we will be sorting loads by color instead of we-desperately-need-these-washed piles. Soon we can use bleach or fabric softener at the needs of the given loads. Soon we can tailor washer and dryer settings to the needs of the loads rather than blasting them dry as fast as possible in a giant 40# dryer. Clearly, I am pretty excited!

I am also excited by the paycheck heading my way this Thursday. I am also excited by the fact that we are moving out of the apartment very soon! My head fills with organization plans and paint chips...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So this new job is beating the hell out of me. Although I will add that I am enjoying it and am grateful for it! But the first day was pretty rough due to my poor shoe choice- fashion tennies rather than running shoes. By the end of the day I was hurting everywhere and my feet were threatening to kill me. I had scratches and bruises up and down my arms from hauling boxes around. I took a bath when I got home and went to bed early. Yesterday was much better due to my use of actual tennis shoes combined with Dr. Scholls inserts. Hooray for those! My feet didn't start hurting till the end of the day! And in general life was less painful yesterday. I DID go to bed around 8:30 though. Went to sleep about an hour later methinks. Today wouldn't have been too bad but the first thing I did involved loading up two big rolling cloth bins (like you imagine convicts hiding amongst laundry to escape from jail in) with boxes and then rolling them back to the new building. And on the way up the hill I managed to get a KILLER flat tire from the cart...and it felt like it took half my heel with it. I painfully pulled my shoe back on without even crying and limped the rest of the way up the ramp. During break I pulled off my shoe to make sure I wasn't bleeding heavily or anything. All I saw was swollen, red heel. But it hurt so much to pull my shoe on and off that I decided to leave it alone till I got home. And when Andrew helped me get my shoe off we discovered my heel and Achilles tendon is one big bruise. Andrew immediately ran and got me a bag of ice and a Popsicle and ordered me to lay on the couch with my foot on the ice. What a nice husband I have!

I would like to emphasize that, in spite of the beating I have been receiving, I am really enjoying my job. I like setting up the shelves- one of the few things in my life I am really OCD about is my shelves. And I like making them look nice and neat! And I think they appreciate that!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I have to be quick...

...but just a quick update on cats and job.
Cats: Talen is doing better. His eye is still pretty squinty and red at times, but he is getting his eye meds twice a day and they seem to be helping. He is also no longer gagging or throwing up. Yay!!
Job: My feet hurt. In fact, all of me hurts.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

cats and moving boxes

Update on the kitties: Jasper is now 3 whole pounds. Big boy! And Talen has a bit of an eye infection in his left eye. No scratches or foreign bodies, but he has some conjunctivitis going on. Today his eye looks very angry and squinty and goobery. Poor kid. But we have an antibiotic ointment that goes in his eye twice a day. And right before we left for the vet yesterday, Talen made this impressive gagging wretching motion. But he didn't throw up and wasn't painful on palpation, so they told me to monitor him. As of right now he is unenthusiastic about his meals, although he will eat. Last night as soon as he finished dinner he gagged up some of his food and he gagged after breakfast this morning as well, although he didn't actually bring anything out this time. Right now he is curled up and sleeping by the door. I am definitely concerned about him. Hopefully he will be ok and this is just some sort of weird bug he managed to pick up on top of the eye thing.

Our living room is starting to look weird. There are boxes everywhere and the book shelves are empty. Really all we have packed thus far are three boxes of DVDs, a box of pictures, and 12 boxes of books. We need to do some laundry and bag up the dirties and clean what we will need for the next 3 weeks. I need to do the litter boxes today (although not right this second because I hear Jasper in there). And some serious cleaning needs to go down!

Friday, July 11, 2008

I hate making titles

So my update for all ye who read my blog, is that I am now working at the Bookie! (official campus book store) It is a full time, temporary job helping to move the Bookie from its old location to its new location (and the new place looks awesome by the way!). I am super excited! I had my paper work and tour session today and will be starting actual work on Monday at 8:30! *glee* Parking is tight so I am going to try walking there. It is a not unimpressive distance up several hills so I will have to trek out early. Let's see, it takes me 25 minutes to walk comfortably to school (less, really, but 25 so I am not panicking and sweating and panting by the time I arrive and the Bookie is 2 miles from our apartment according to google I should give myself a good hour to walk it just to be on the safe side for the first time through. So Monday I shall get myself up at 6:30, eat breakfast, pack a lunch, shower, and march out there. Scratch that, I will pack my lunch the night before. And maybe I can do a dry run on the weekend to time it out better and explore alternate routes.
In kitty news it is amazing how quickly Jasper is growing up. And how much of his behavior mirrors Talen's. I got up with them to pee at 3 am the other morning (they both had full little bladders and were acting like jerks so I escorted them to the litter boxes). And we got out to the kitchen and they both went over towards Talen's bowl, looked back at me, and with the exact same expression and tone howled at me to feed them. Little turds. But Jasper has his second appointment today to get his FVRCP vaccine and Talen will be joining us. His eye was all goobed up and squinting last night and hasn't improved today. I am worried that during their wrestling matches Jasper may have kicked Talen in the eye and scratched him. So it will be an exciting vet visit all around!
And in fashion news, I have found two shirts at Old Navy that look great on me and I love them and they inspire my business casual clothing plans for my future life as a professional.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The kitty, at long last, has a name!

Hooray! The kitty, who has been unnamed since we got him on June 16th, is now named! After much deliberation, and getting a different name every day from my mom when we were home (Sparrow, Pontouf, Duck, Shatner...), he is now Jasper Chaos BomBrauergaars! Both of those names are actually names from The Enchanted Forest Chronicles where a witch named Morwen has 9 cats, none of whom are the proper, whitchy, black. Also, he is now, all of a sudden, looking leggy! He no longer looks like a baby kitty but more of a little kid kitty. We just saw it yesterday. He was screwing himself up for a leap from the coffee table to the couch and I realized that he is, well, there is no other way to put this, looking leggy! It is weird how fast he is growing up. Still kind of unsure about eye color at this point. Yellow or green depends on the angle you look at him.

In other news, I am definitely allergic to something in Pullman. I was having allergies before the last trip home, was fine the entire time in Kingston, and now that we are back in P-town...I am constantly blowing my nose and sneezing. I object!