Monday, February 11, 2008


LAAAME.  My post just got deleted!  Fine.  *sigh*
SO.  I played Wii for the first time last night.  It was crazy watching Kelsey and Lisa box- especially Lisa.  She'll come at you like a spider monkey.  And then Leslie and I tied and were too pooped to go on.  Turns out, wii boxing is tiring.  My right arm still hurts from punching Leslie in the face too many times.  Then we all got to make Miis (except Lisa who has two personal Miis and a whole cast of characters for when she wants variety).  Mine turned out pretty well- it even has my glasses sliding down my nose.
In other news, I dragged my lazy ass out of bed early this morning.  In time to make myself oatmeal from scratch.  With brown sugar and punkin pie spice and vanilla extract and peanut butter and raisens and dried apricots....and maple syrup.  Super tasty.  I offered some to Andrew but he is a grouchy bear this morning.
Now I should go pack a lunch and run to the bus.  And possibly drag my cat off of the cupboards.

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