Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A minor mystery solved

So the past couple of mornings in the fairly early but still getting light time of day (i.e. still very asleep) we have been experiencing a strange phenomenon. Namely: we are hearing these horrendous squawking bird noises, wing flappings, and then large bird fluttering up and hitting our window (what I imagine said bird is doing is what I have seen starlings and magpies doing- holding onto the top of the window and fluttering to keep in place while doing something to something above the window. Nest building? I dunno.) We assumed this was an extremely large and annoying magpie. But this morning we were able to see it was not.
It was a pheasant. A large, male pheasant. After the hitting-the-window thing I finally got out of bed today, marched to the window and was astonished to see this guy sitting calmly in the tree outside. Huge! And vibrantly colored to boot! So our early morning visitor, while still annoying, is now much cooler. And here is an example picture (we have not yet captured this guy on film):

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Shirley said...

How pleasant to see a pheasant! Was there a female running around out there as well? I am taking a break from the Guidelights >gak<. Someone actually turned in an article of over 1000 words. Cheryl took it from me and whittled it down.