Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gonna wake up in a smoothie...

Breakfast this morning....

Unfortunately without glorious pictures.  I need to find my camera so I can take glorious pictures of our food.  My cell phone just doesn't cut it!

In any case: breakfast this morning.  Smoothies!

In our freezer I have been saving chunks of banana (I don't like just eating banana so when I put some on toast I don't want to waste the rest) and I still had some cut up peaches and strawberries from last summer.  I also found some blueberries but I am going to use those for a different smoothie on a different day.  I dumped all these frozen fruits plus a container of non-fat vanilla greek yogurt (Lucerne- not nearly as good as my Greek Gods yogurts) and a sprinkling of flax seed meal.  I ended up having to add some milk to allow things to actually mix up in the blender- it was too thick!  If I had been thinking I would have dumped some rice or almond milk in there in order to minimize my milk intake but I was mostly just grabbing things from the fridge at that point.

End result: thick and creamy and filling and delicious.  We also each had a slice of toast (Milton's Whole Grain) topped with some margarine which Andrew claimed was the best toast in the world.

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Shirley B said...

Since I started my food blog, your dad keeps asking me if I've taken a picture of whatever it is I've made for dinner. You know, just in case...So now my camera or iPhone is always nearby and I take pictures of everything! (including my handy, hefty meat mallet!)