Thursday, June 2, 2011

A change of scenery

Most people probably know that we have had a slight change in scenery recently.  I have graduated from vet school and have abandoned the land of lentils and cougars.  We said goodbye to Pullman in our rear view mirrors as we headed west.  Not as far west as we originally planned, but stopping just short of the Cascade mountains in Yakima.

Our new home!

I somehow managed to get a job at a clinic that I fell in love with on my interview.  When I got the call welcoming me to the clinic, it was all I could do to contain myself- fortunately you can't hear extremely undignified and un-doctorly dancing over the phone.  So in the coming week I will be starting at an excellent clinic with an excellent group of people, as a real live doctor!

Excuse me while I engage in a little more dancing.

In any case, moving was a drama show as per usual.  In spite of being very nearly fully packed prior to actually moving (a change from previous experiences), we ended up wanting to die by the end of it.  Especially thanks to the Uhaul not actually arriving until 5:30 only AFTER Andrew verbally abused the customer service people who told us that our truck wouldn't be ready until 7 pm.  Meanwhile we had packed our carport to the edges (unsuccessfully attempting to keep the random rain squalls from soaking our stuff) with boxes and were at a standstill.  It all came together in the end, though.

An additional level of excitement was brought by the fact that Jasper gets car sick.  WICKED car sick.  With yowling and drooling and copious vomiting.  So we drugged him.  He got Xanex starting the night before to (theoretically) ease his anxiety and sedate him, and then a shot of Cerenia (a powerful anti-emetic) the morning we left.  I think the results are best described by the post I left on the wall of the amazing doctor who helped me with the medications since I don't have my actual license yet:

"On the plus side, he did not throw up even once! On the down side, he was totally crazed on the meds. The first night (pre-move) was hysterically funny as he wobbled around and tried desperately to steal our food, the second night (post-move) was not so funny as he prowled around the house yowling in a my-world-is-ending-and-I-am-disastrously-high sort of way. I think it made him paranoid, caused hallucinations, and gave him a wicked case of the munchies. I imagine he was just reacting atypically though- why I expected him to act like a normal cat is beyond me!"

We somehow managed to leave only 2 hours later than planned in spite of all the sitting and waiting we endured the day before.

Stay tuned for further updates from our new home in Yakima and at my new job!

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