Wednesday, April 16, 2008


First of all, to any family members who have been directed to this blog by my family's easter letter, I bid you welcome.  If I owe you a thank you note, I bid you apologies and a promise that they will be in your hot little hand before the official year deadline.  I hope.

Now...on to Andrew's birthday!  So Andrew was gone for the week before his birthday, and I decided to use the opportunity to plan something special.  He gets so bored here in Pullman and so wants social things, so this was almost a birthday gift in itself.  The plan came together on Wednesday (birthday being on Friday, birthday boy coming home on Thursday night).  I decided on a murder mystery party and got permission on the down low to host the party in the vet school's anatomy museum.  I will not divulge my sources here, but suffice it to say that I will be forever grateful...
    Anyway, all at the last minute, the guest list was formed, the murder mystery purchased, the props and decorations bought or made, and several far fetched plans for getting Andrew to the anatomy museum all-unknowing were hatched.  In the end, this is how it went down:
    I told Andrew that I had to go into lab for just a little while in the evening on his birthday because someone was going to take us on a cow cadaver tour and this was the only time it could happen.  Andrew was understandably upset by this seeming abandonment on his birthday and became quite pouty.  I threw him a bone by letting slip that I had planned a bowling party for Saturday and we were having some folks over for pizza before I had to go into study on Friday.  He remained pouty but was excited by bowling.  Leah, Sonny, Lisa and Leslie all came over for pizza and watched 101 Dalmations on Friday (aka b-day).  They were all FABULOUS actors/actresses...casually mentioning the necessity of studying in the lab and the plan for bowling.  Then at precisely 7:00 Leah and Sonny left to "go home" (aka go home and grab the veggie tray for the party) and Lisa and I left for the "lab" (aka go to the museum and set it up to look vaguely Egyptian).  At 7:50 all the guests arrived and I called Andrew to set the rest of the plan in motion.  I told him that although Lisa and I were all done at the lab ("See honey?  I told you we would be really quick!") but that there was a small hitch in coming home because Lisa's car wasn't starting.  I told him it was just making a clicking sound.  "Sounds like it may be the starter," he said, "I'll be right down."  I asked him to call when he pulled in cause we were going back into the building to wait.  When he called I directed him via mysterious and cryptic text messages towards the anatomy museum.  He seriously suspected nothing until he found the pile of costume clothing on the stairs with a sticky note saying "PUT ME ON."  
    The night was awesome!  All of the players were incredible- Leah, Sonny, Lisa, Robyn, Ashley, and Chris.  Everyone had tons of fun...and I was the murderer!  BUAH-HA-HAAAA....

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Shirley said...

Yeah! Sounds like it went great. I'm sorry we did not get more visiting time last weekend (curse the Democratic convention, anyway!), but so enjoyed being able to share the concert with you and Andrew. Elton John Rocks!! Love, Mom