Sunday, April 27, 2008

The final countdown....isn't that Queen?

Well folks, I am nearly done with my first year in Pullman.  I FEEL done because I finished Anatomy...although I still have 5 more finals to study for.  It is hard to feel motivated when the smelly monkey that is anatomy is no longer breathing down my neck...Plus I must say that I am SO GLAD to no longer smell like the anatomy lab.  But in any case, here is my schedule for the next week:
  • Monday: Nutrition
  • Tuesday: Immunology
  • Wednesday: Pathology
  • Thursday: Neuroscience
  • Friday: Physiology
Today I am working primarily on Nutrition with a hint of Immunology for spice.

In other news, I am trying to figure out my life beyond vet school.  Just as far as hobbies go.  (No worries about Andrew- married life is glorious) I think it is important for me to cultivate interests beyond vet school.  Sadly, I am so unorganized and generally messy that it is difficult.  But what I would like to do is this: continue to work out (I have kind of fallen behind on that of late, and I should get back on the proverbial wagon), get out on hikes more (this primarily applies to summer time as it is hard with school schedules to justify a trip like that), garden (specifically, herbs), and cooking.  I find I am liking cooking more and more.  I like playing with spices (hence, the herb obsession), I love cookbooks, I enjoy making things from scratch.  I think the brownies exemplify this.  I have a recipe for low fat brownies that involves chopping up squares of semi-sweet chocolate and I feel like a real cook when I am doing that.  Very strange, but true.  The unfortunate thing about that, is I hate doing dishes and I have a small kitchen.  None of that is conducive to stretching my legs as a cook.  But at the end of summer we will be in a great new place with much more counter space and (hopefully) a wee portable dishwasher to make our lives easier.  Also, I will get to paint. :D

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