Sunday, December 12, 2010

Alone and Pathetic

So tonight I am hanging out alone. I was supposed to watch some TV with friends but they all ended up being busy with patient care or not feeling well so I am reading blogs like an obsessed crazy person.

Upshot: my house is now much cleaner because people coming over sends Andrew and I into a fury of cleaning in order to avoid being seen for the disgusting cavemen that we actually are.

Extra upshot: I am sort of feeling like a recluse tonight so sitting on my butt on the couch alone is actually an excellent sounding evening.

Additional upshot: the kitchen never finished getting clean so now I don't have to feel like a dirty hobo when someone looks in my sink.

Here is an actual transcript of a texted conversation with my husband (at work at the movie theater- he does not get health insurance, but he DOES get free popcorn and we can watch movies for free. So it is pretty much awesome.):

Andrea: It is official. Dinner will be bagel bites and vodka while reading blogs and doing nothing worthwhile.

Andrew: Oh, come see a movie.

Andrea: But then I am alone and pathetic in PUBLIC instead of alone on my couch.

Andrew: Do it......

UPDATE: Further conversation:

Andrea: I haven't eaten yet.  Bagel Bites are calling to me from the freezer.  How many pounds would I gain if I ate all 20?

Andrew: At least a thousand.

(My conclusion: start with 10 bagel bites and go from there.  I am reasonable!)

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