Monday, January 17, 2011

One run does not a runner make

But it does sort of make you hurt.

Especially when the socks you had thought were adequate decide to fall down repeatedly during your run so your Achilles tendons end up being rubbed raw.  And your left knee hurts inexplicably as it hasn't hurt since high school- even though this is not your first run since high school, just the first in a while and hopefully the first to establish a pattern of healthy, regular running.

I almost weenied out- I really did.  I put on my sports bra and managed to find my running pants.  Zipped up my hoodie and took Luna out to play some chuck-it and hopefully make her poop prior to the run so I wouldn't have to run holding a baggie of poo.  In spite of the balmy temperatures, the wind was....staggering.  It made me go upstairs and get my WSU beanie and some fingerless gloves.  Luna still wouldn't poop in spite of much chuck-it-ing (normally a pretty good method of getting things moving) making me think she had probably gone before breakfast without me seeing it.  Then a huge blast of wind somehow managed to blow me out of the yard and all the way back up the stairs and into the house saying "What am I thinking?!  This wind is crazy!  Do I really want to start my scheme TODAY?"

Then I looked at Luna.  She was looking at me with the saddest puppy eyes in the world.  Eyes that said, "I have not yet been satisfactorily worn out by my chuck-iting!  I was promised a run!"

And so we went.  1 minute of running, 2 minutes of walking...repeated 10 times.  I discovered the trail is quite muddy right now.  I discovered that it is difficult to keep headphones in while wearing a beanie.  I discovered that the stop watch app I downloaded to keep track of minutes liked to turn off the screen only during the minute runs- never during the 2 minute walks.  But Luna enjoyed herself thoroughly.  And I survived it.

Endomondo Running Workout: "was out running 1.78 miles in 32m:18s using Endomondo."

P.S. Endomondo is really awesome.

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