Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring has pulled its covers over its head and said "I don' wanna"

So the day after I though that spring had sprung, it started snowing. Last night we had a record low. I hate this. It is March now. Almost mid-March. Grr.

Can't even use a roto-tiller in this weather. Didn't even have a chance to get the sod up.

In further news I have only one more test to go before spring break. After three weeks and 8 tests I am almost done. I still sort of want to die, but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger. And even though these weeks have been hell on earth, I have been doing well on the ones I got back so far. 86% is the lowest score (although some have not yet been returned.)

What sort of angers me is the fact that for three partial-semester classes so far we have only had one test to determine our entire grade in them. No room for error and they have all been online tests so I don't have old tests to look at. Which means I have no chance to figure out how a particular professor tests. And that sounds like a lazy cop-out until you remember that in the past 14 school days we have had 8 tests so my mental energy is at a premium and I need to be efficient in how I study. If I just have half a semester worth of notes and power points to work with I could study for years and not have managed to focus my mind in the right way on the right material that the teacher thinks is important for us to know.

I need the snow to be gone and I need it to be spring break now.

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Don B. said...

Squeezing students is a time-honored tradition. Can you think straight when you think you can't think at all? (How's that for a brain teaser?)