Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring is springing?

In the midst of a brutal three weeks of tests, I have a little spot of happiness: all of my seeds have arrived!
I have two varieties of carrots, a radish, a melon, two cucumbers, corn to make Andrew happy, three tomatoes (including a cherry type), three types of beans for winter soups, a lettuce/greens mix, spinach, butternut squash, a small onion, and a whole slew of herbs.
The only thing I am missing from my order is 5 lbs of potatoes (one pound of each variety) so hopefully I will be rolling in potatoes soon.
Andrew finished cutting the sod (although it still needs to be pulled up). Next steps: layout the garden plan now that I have specific instructions for my seeds, pull up the cut sod, purchase bale of peat moss, rent tiller and till the soil + peat moss, build the fence, plant plant plant! And there are a number of seeds that need to be started indoors so I will probably get those going today on a study break.



s.bomgaars said...

Hooray for Andrea updating her blog!

Sarah Stevens said...

That sounds wonderful!! It's so nice to see things you've planted coming up!! My bulbs are coming up and starting to bloom and it feels wonderful. Enjoy your planting!!! Great study break..

Shirley said...

just re-read this as a procrastination measure (at work - shhh!) and decided I liked the visual of you "rolling in potatoes."