Friday, June 20, 2008

Cat Drama

Poor Talen has a blood draw at noon today. Which means he doesn't get breakfast. Which means the kitten will have two meals today during which Talen will not be eating. He doesn't understand and is pretty upset. Whining abounds. Although currently he is sitting next to me purring in a mournful way while the kitten plays with my pants.
And sadly, the wee one is still unnamed. We put a poll up on the hiker's forum asking for input on our current short list of names, and thus far it is a three way tie between "Pippin," "Fitzpatrick," and "Your names suck butt and I have a brilliant suggestion of my own." I'm leaning towards Pip at this point and, while Andrew likes the name, he is not sure if the kitten is Pippin. We shall see...
And speaking of the wee one, he has diarrhea. Yesterday we went on an emergency grocery store run to pick up some baby wipes- he had diarrhea and then cleverly stepped in it. I am adding a weeee sprinkle of Metamucil to his food which will hopefully help and also hopefully his GI tract will adjust to the new food very soon. I am pretty sure that the food they gave me is not the same food he was eating at the pet store. Oh, and I don't know if this also has to do with GI stress d/t food, but this kitten TOOTS. I have never had a farting cat before...but this guy has DOG farts. It is pretty impressive/disgusting. *shakes head*
Also, there is further evidence that he was weaned too young. Yesterday I set the sleeping kitten on the sleeping Talen, and Talen immediately pinned him down and started giving him a thorough bath. Whereupon the kitten started making suckling motions towards Talen (searching for a nipple, that deep kneading into the stomach to help stimulate milk...)...whereupon Talen kicked him in the head and kept on cleaning him.

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Dr. Andrea said...

Update: Talen is back from the blood draw. As with last time, the poor guy looks like a wreck. His SQ fluids have slid down to his chest so he has a large bag of goosh under him (makes him hard to pick up), the entire ventral part of his neck is shaved (no razor burn this time thank goodness), and his hind leg has a hematoma and is covered in blood. Poor dude...I will feed him a much belated breakfast pretty soon.