Friday, June 13, 2008


So Andrew and I went to Pets Are People Too in Moscow to get some air filters for Talen's litterbox. We always ogle the kitties and puppies and wee rats when we are there but we don't like the sources that pet stores generally go to for their pets (aka puppy/kitten mills). But this time we had collected our filters and wandered over to the pet section and saw several groups of wee kittens...including a little black male who is available for adoption. We also saw the signs that said "all mixed kittens and puppies are from local adoption sources who need help finding homes." aka not a mill. Hmmm...we dragged ourselves away from the kittens and looked at fish...but then wandered back. Annnd accidentally asked an employee to see the wee kitten. And he was sooo tiny! And he mewed! And then he got his little motor going and clung to my chest...and his eyes are going to end up either green or amber (could go either way...they are still pretty blue right now, just starting to shift in a yellower direction)...and apparently he is the playful one of his litter....
We melted a little bit. And handed him back to the employee who put him back with his sisters (a tabby and a calico).
And as we drove home we started to seriously consider getting him. His adoption fee is $100 (includes first shots, free vet visit, first deworming, neuter, and a 4lb bag of AvoDerm kitten food- one of the best parts because that is a damn good food and one I would consider switching him to if they gave us crap food or something). SO. This is the deal we made with ourselves. If I get the job...and the wee black boy is there after this weekend's trip to Kitsap...we shall bring Talen a wee black baby brother. ...we are weak, what can I say? And we have been wanting a black kitten for a while to be Talen's friend and play mate...
Andrew wants me to go get him today if I get offered the job. *sigh* a difficult quandary. I would love to...but then he would immediately get shoved in the carrier with Talen for 6 hours while we drive to Kingston. Not ideal. But tempting.......*sigh*

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