Saturday, June 21, 2008


These are my most recent scrapbooking efforts (as always, all my completed pages can be seen here For your viewing pleasure I present the vagina monologues (with a close up of a clay yoni I made), COLE, and the White coat ceremony. And with my attempt to cut down on buying scrapbook supplies, I am proud to announce that all of this was done with the supplies I had on hand. Yay! I was going to find a sticker of a vagina anyway...
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Karen said...

Thanks for commenting on the Paper Pals DT blog. I know the gals love getting comments! Your layouts are great btw! I about "died" when I saw your handmade embellishment for your Vagina Monologue page! Very creative!!! :)

I have heard that the show is one not to be missed, I will have to go check it on the next time one of the colleges has it.

Judy said...

I agree with Karen, that "handmade" embellishment is a riot!! :0) Fun page!!!

Becky said...

Dear Former Roommate and Vagina Warrior-
These scrapbook pages are both hilarious and so true to the show! I really wish that I could have seen you perform "I was there in the Room," but alas, 2,000 miles were just too many to overcome!
Keep me posted on your life!