Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The kitty, at long last, has a name!

Hooray! The kitty, who has been unnamed since we got him on June 16th, is now named! After much deliberation, and getting a different name every day from my mom when we were home (Sparrow, Pontouf, Duck, Shatner...), he is now Jasper Chaos BomBrauergaars! Both of those names are actually names from The Enchanted Forest Chronicles where a witch named Morwen has 9 cats, none of whom are the proper, whitchy, black. Also, he is now, all of a sudden, looking leggy! He no longer looks like a baby kitty but more of a little kid kitty. We just saw it yesterday. He was screwing himself up for a leap from the coffee table to the couch and I realized that he is, well, there is no other way to put this, looking leggy! It is weird how fast he is growing up. Still kind of unsure about eye color at this point. Yellow or green depends on the angle you look at him.

In other news, I am definitely allergic to something in Pullman. I was having allergies before the last trip home, was fine the entire time in Kingston, and now that we are back in P-town...I am constantly blowing my nose and sneezing. I object!

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