Sunday, March 2, 2008

Considering Felicide

So I am a terrible cat owner in that I only do the litter box about once a week.  But this does not give Talen the right to be an asshole.  Especially since I did the littler box 2-3 days ago.  And I realized at that time that I needed to change the litter box completely and mentally put kitty litter on the grocery list.  Well Andrew and I went grocery shopping today and forgot the litter.  Apparently Talen was a bit put out by this because we were putting the groceries away and he went and pissed on our brand new futon.   Andrew caught him in the act so we were able to get our super-brand new futon cover off and the cover on the memory foam pad off.  So the cat pee got a bit on the memory foam and (thank God) not at all on the futon mattress.  Andrew Resolved the bejeezus out of the memory foam pad and we put off our dinner plans and dashed off to the laundromat with the covers (can anyone say "McDonalds?"  We can).  Needless to say, Talen also got a pretty firm spanking followed by an unceremonious shoving into his carrier.  He will be spending the night there, in the office, without the privilege of dinner.  Talen is definitely in the cat-house right now.

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