Sunday, March 30, 2008


So if I haven't mentioned this before, Andrew and I are moving to a different apartment this August.  Currently we live in a small 2 bedroom apartment and it isn't too bad.  The new place is the upstairs apartment of a duplex, a bit larger and with tons of personality.  More storage and counter space in the kitchen, tons of windows that have views that do not include the neighbor's windows (including an incredible view of the campus and some of downtown pullman), huuuge closets, a teensy little "reading room" with a built in book case that will become my office, a front yard and a backyard (which includes dog runs), storage in the basement, and on-site laundry that is not coin operated.  
So my goals for this new apartment are thusly:
  1. Start a potted herb garden (including mint, rosemary, thyme, parsley, lavendar, sage, basil, and others)
  2. Clean up the dog runs
  3. Get a dog and train it extensively in both obedience and in preperation for back packing trips
  4. Paint!  I am thinking a red or green for the kitchen, green for the living room, blue or purple or green for the bedroom, maybe a yellow or orange for Andrew's office, yellow with blue accents for the bathroom....yeah.  I am excited about painting.
  5. Andrew wants a barbeque
  6. Get a portable dishwasher and convince the owners to split the cost with us in order to "improve the apartment" after our departure
  7. Organize our closets from the get-go.  Clothes in the bedroom, hiking crap in the office, misc in the living room...
  8. Possible curtains, especially on the wall of windows in the bedroom.
  9. Andrew wants to make a new entertainment center to be less ugly and more portable than our current entertainment center and less flimsy than the cheap ones we can buy.
  10. Figure out bus routes/bike routes to school.
  11. Continue my quest to become a decent cook (taking advantage of the extra counter space)
  12. Buy a set of nice, matching canisters for grains and pasta and flour and sugar etc (currently have flour, white sugar, and brown sugar in tupperware containers, and powdered sugar and half a bag of cornmeal in glas canisters, several bags including wheat germ and the rest of the cornmeal just clipped shut, and several glass containers holding leftover uncooked pasta.  I just want something more cohesive.)
  13. Maybe become friends with our downstairs neighbors and have bbqs and game nights.
  14. Explore the nearby park with our dog (see goal #3)
  15. Get/make an awesome cat tower for Talen.
  16. Do laundry in loads as needed (as opposed to our current stratedy of filling up the jumbo washers and dryers with unsorted clothes at a laundromat in Moscow...that's right.  We do our laundry in another state.)

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