Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Break

So there has been sooo much going on this spring break.  Andrew and I decided to stay home over break for the purpose of laziness.  I must say that it has been enjoyable.  For instance, I am swiftly working my way through Gilmore Girls...although this has been difficult due to the fact that Andrew has been insisting that I wait for him to watch the show.  He is now off gallivanting in the woods by himself which means I get to sit in the apartment and watch Gilmore Girls allll day long.  
In other news:
  • I got a public library card and an armful of books in my mother's fond tradition.  
  • Talen is well on his way to becoming a full blown blood donor.  I am VERY excited.
  • I planned on being a very good girl over break and writing all my thank you notes.
  • I have studied some immunology but not all the test material yet and nothing beyond immunology.
  • I have written ZERO thank you notes.  
  • I have also done only one set of dishes and took out one bag of garbage and done NO laundry.
  • I ventured into the world of pie making.  Talen ate part of the crust, so two planned pies became one pie alone.  Although I still have a stick and half of crisco left so the chocolate cream pie may not be just a dream...but the apple pie turned out incredibly ugly but delicious.  I only broke down into violent swearing and dough pounding once and managed to not huck the jar of cinnamon at the wall.  And I only cried when Andrew came home and beheld the extremely ugly pie (don't worry, the man who calmly tucked the hideous and freakishly misshapen scarf I made him for Christmas around his neck certainly did not say anything inconsiderate about the pie.  ...I cried about the scarf too).  And the amount of pie crust dough (read: flour + crisco) I ate combined with the banana schnapps taken after the pie became very ugly made for an unpleasant night.  BUT: the pie tasted wonderful and I have been told that anyone who can make pie crust like I did can do anything.  
  • Holy crap!  Rory just agreed to sit for an oil painting at her rich grandmother's house!  This will be high drama!  Must stop blog writing and get back to Gilmore Girls!

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Shirley said...

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA - I can totally relate to the pie crust fiasco. I have not received any requests for thank you notes lately, but did just hear that your Uncle Ken & Aunt Janice will be moving to Japan for a couple of years, so you might want to take care of that one. Plus - postage goes up in May. (buy some forever stamps! quickly - I'll wait....)