Monday, March 3, 2008

The dance of love...

No, don't be frightened by the title.  This is PG.  Okay, maybe PG-13.  
    So, to follow up on last night's drama, not too long after I posted Andrew and I decided to let Talen out of his carrier and let him use his (freshly changed) litter box and eat dinner and drink some water.  He acted like an abused kitten, shying away from us.  But he spent the night in our bed and the couch remains pristine, so...for now he is tentatively back in our good graces.
    Now, tonight, Andrew and I started something new.  Something a little out of our comfort zone.  We stepped out on a limb and signed up for beginner's Argentine Tango.  It is through the Rec center so it is fairly inexpensive and I think it will be fun!  Tonight we learned that Andrew has big feet and I apparently can't walk backwards.  This should be a thrilling learning experience all around!  In all seriousness, we learned the basic walking pattern of Tango.  As well as the practice embrace, the open embrace, and the close embrace.  That one was particularly awkward given the size of our boobs/feet (you can figure out which one applies to each of us).  But methinks this will be fun!

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Shirley said...

Am I the only person who comments on your blog? I'm glad Talen is forgiven. You said that he was given the wrong food from some clinic once - did he eat from that bag? Could his urinary problems be an issue?
PS: practice walking backwards to the bus stop to make your morning commute more exciting!