Friday, July 11, 2008

I hate making titles

So my update for all ye who read my blog, is that I am now working at the Bookie! (official campus book store) It is a full time, temporary job helping to move the Bookie from its old location to its new location (and the new place looks awesome by the way!). I am super excited! I had my paper work and tour session today and will be starting actual work on Monday at 8:30! *glee* Parking is tight so I am going to try walking there. It is a not unimpressive distance up several hills so I will have to trek out early. Let's see, it takes me 25 minutes to walk comfortably to school (less, really, but 25 so I am not panicking and sweating and panting by the time I arrive and the Bookie is 2 miles from our apartment according to google I should give myself a good hour to walk it just to be on the safe side for the first time through. So Monday I shall get myself up at 6:30, eat breakfast, pack a lunch, shower, and march out there. Scratch that, I will pack my lunch the night before. And maybe I can do a dry run on the weekend to time it out better and explore alternate routes.
In kitty news it is amazing how quickly Jasper is growing up. And how much of his behavior mirrors Talen's. I got up with them to pee at 3 am the other morning (they both had full little bladders and were acting like jerks so I escorted them to the litter boxes). And we got out to the kitchen and they both went over towards Talen's bowl, looked back at me, and with the exact same expression and tone howled at me to feed them. Little turds. But Jasper has his second appointment today to get his FVRCP vaccine and Talen will be joining us. His eye was all goobed up and squinting last night and hasn't improved today. I am worried that during their wrestling matches Jasper may have kicked Talen in the eye and scratched him. So it will be an exciting vet visit all around!
And in fashion news, I have found two shirts at Old Navy that look great on me and I love them and they inspire my business casual clothing plans for my future life as a professional.

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