Monday, July 28, 2008

Just a couple of blurbs

*Hi mom! I am glad you find me amusing! Also, Andrew was wondering if you could shove Jonah on a bus and send him out here. And then I pointed out that he would be at camp having fun. If you want to shove DAD on a bus though...
*Saw Dark Knight last night: AWESOME.
*Just went on a nice bike ride with my lovely husband. 6 miles with no wind- very nice! The only downside was the little bugs who seemed determined to ram themselves up my nose. Failing that they settled for my eyes, my ears, or my arms where they would take their failure to reach nostril heaven out on my arms by biting me! I feel like I still have some in my sinuses. I hope they don't lay eggs. I have enough sinus problems without larvae adding to the issues!
*I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT to move!! Day after tomorrow *quiver* 'twill be awesome!

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Sarah said...

I'm glad to have these updates, since we are terrible about keeping in touch!! Hope the move is going well. Sorry I'm being no help! I'm off on a road trip with my mother this week for my cousin's wedding on the 10th. Driving to San Jose. With my mom. Who drives the speed limit. All the time. Ahhh!!! Wish me luck!! Love you!!