Saturday, July 12, 2008

cats and moving boxes

Update on the kitties: Jasper is now 3 whole pounds. Big boy! And Talen has a bit of an eye infection in his left eye. No scratches or foreign bodies, but he has some conjunctivitis going on. Today his eye looks very angry and squinty and goobery. Poor kid. But we have an antibiotic ointment that goes in his eye twice a day. And right before we left for the vet yesterday, Talen made this impressive gagging wretching motion. But he didn't throw up and wasn't painful on palpation, so they told me to monitor him. As of right now he is unenthusiastic about his meals, although he will eat. Last night as soon as he finished dinner he gagged up some of his food and he gagged after breakfast this morning as well, although he didn't actually bring anything out this time. Right now he is curled up and sleeping by the door. I am definitely concerned about him. Hopefully he will be ok and this is just some sort of weird bug he managed to pick up on top of the eye thing.

Our living room is starting to look weird. There are boxes everywhere and the book shelves are empty. Really all we have packed thus far are three boxes of DVDs, a box of pictures, and 12 boxes of books. We need to do some laundry and bag up the dirties and clean what we will need for the next 3 weeks. I need to do the litter boxes today (although not right this second because I hear Jasper in there). And some serious cleaning needs to go down!

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