Sunday, July 27, 2008


Well, I am happy to report that we are surrounded by boxes. We aren't completely done yet, but we are LIGHT YEARS beyond where we were last time. Plus no one is throwing up at this time. We just have to avoid food poisoning in the next couple days. Wednesday we get the truck and load it all in and drive allll the way across town and drag them into the new place! Oh my is almost here. I am so excited! All the dishes are now clean. We will be eating off of paper (possible just take out at this point since most of the pots and pans are packed) for the remainder of our time in this apartment.
In other news I have a dead taste bud or SOMETHING on the side of my tongue. Life is misery right now! Eating is pain. I sound like an emo. :(

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Shirley said...

I have just caught up on reading your blog. (at long last!) I need to get the link on my laptop as I spend more time on that than the "family" desktop. Good luck on the move - sorry we can't send Jonah to help (camp this week). I love reading your stuff - you're funny! It's in your genes from both sides - lucky you!