Monday, July 21, 2008

A Eulogy... Laundromats!
We have done our time and have finished with laundromats. Hopefully forever. We very carefully sorted laundry and picked out enough clothes to last us through the move. Barely. So the first order of business upon entering the new house will be starting a load of laundry but that is not the point. Soon we will be doing loads as needed instead of saving them up for weeks and buying socks and underwear as needed. Soon we will be sorting loads by color instead of we-desperately-need-these-washed piles. Soon we can use bleach or fabric softener at the needs of the given loads. Soon we can tailor washer and dryer settings to the needs of the loads rather than blasting them dry as fast as possible in a giant 40# dryer. Clearly, I am pretty excited!

I am also excited by the paycheck heading my way this Thursday. I am also excited by the fact that we are moving out of the apartment very soon! My head fills with organization plans and paint chips...

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